A Guide to Office Building Quality: Third edition

The Property Council has released the third edition of A Guide to Office Building Quality (Guide) which provides easy to use guidelines for assessing office building quality in new and existing buildings. The guide offers a voluntary, market-based approach to identify parameters that typically influence building quality.

The first and second editions of this Guide were released in 2006 and 2012 respectively. The third edition is a full review and update of the second edition and utilises a building descriptor of 63 parameters across 13 categories. Each of the parameters tabulate the advised criteria by quality grade within two separate matrices; one matrix for new office buildings and one matrix for existing office buildings.

The 13 categories listed in the guidelines are:  Environmental, configuration, mechanical, tenant risers, lifts, electrical, standby power – base building, building management, communications, hydraulics, security, amenities and parking. An additional section called ‘Emerging Quality Issues’ is also included.

The Property Council’s Board of Directors requested additional consultation and a Board subcommittee was formed in August 2018 to provide advice and governance. The Board subcommittee reviewed the third edition and endorsed the Guide in March 2019. 

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