Canberra City Place Activation Strategy

The Canberra City Renewal Authority (CRA) has released a City Place Activation Strategy which presents a series of aspirational visions for key areas in the City Renewal Project. These propositions provide a narrative for future developments or projects to drive design and place-based outcomes.

The strategy addresses the need for significant rejuvenation in key areas of the city centre including Garema Place, City Walk and Petrie Plaza through a combination of temporary interventions and transformative public realm upgrades.

The following key themes proved to be the greatest opportunities to improve the city centre experience and have informed the basis of the recommendations:

++ Better marketing and communications

++ Playful and family friendly spaces

++ Comfortable, welcoming and social spaces

++ Beautification – colour, art and greenery

++ A functional public realm that facilitates activations

++ Temporary initiatives and elements

++ Increased retail diversity

The strategy will be used by the CRA as a road map for the development and implementation of potential projects between 2019 and 2023.

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