Focus on precinct planning will deliver for our growing city

The introduction in the ACT Legislative Assembly of the City Renewal Authority and Suburban Land Agency Bill 2017 has been welcomed by the Property Council of Australia and will deliver truly coordinated and outcomes based planning that is needed to transform our city, ACT Executive Director of the Property Council of Australia said this morning.

“By setting the framework for dedicated and focused efforts within specific precincts, particularly along Northbourne Avenue and for our city centre to the Lake, the Bill will provide critical connections along major transport routes to our suburban areas – and will form the backbone of a more connected, sustainable and liveable city,” Ms Cirson said.

“The Property Council believes that these new entities will deliver high level strategic planning, design and commercial expertise for the designated precincts. They will enable genuine partnerships between the government, property and business sectors and the broader community - which is how the most liveable cities in the world have built and renewed,” Ms Cirson said.

Coordinated, well thought out planning for our future city provides opportunities for more affordable housing, excellence in design of retail and office space and high quality public spaces that are connected, ensuring people are at the centre of decision making.

“As a community, we need to embrace the transformation of our city, and the growing and changing population – rather than see these changes as negative. The increasing population, coupled with the need to renew our urban areas, provides a rare opportunity to better connect people to where they live, work, study and recreate, and deliver a diverse range of housing types in the heart of our city,” Ms Cirson said.

“It also means that as we move around our city our interactions with our built environment also contribute to our quality of life – and have the potential to set us apart from other capital cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

“By planning for development within the context of our broader aspirations for our cityrather than assessing the merits of projects on a case by case basis – we will start to see investments made where and when they are needed which benefits everyone.

“This is the way smart infrastructure planning is realised– and will provide clearly defined, deliberative policies which provide the certainty, energy and the focus needed for the city we are yet to become,” Ms Cirson concluded.

Media contact: Adina Cirson | E [email protected]