Industry Welcomes Strata Reform Pilot Project 

The ACT Property Council welcomes the Government’s announced pilot initiative to establish a reference group to investigate reforms to strata regulation.

“This initiative was first discussed in May this year, when the property industry met with Access Canberra on issues surrounding mixed-use developments”, says ACT Executive Director, Merlin Kong.

“It’ll in essence fast-track a reform process that would have taken years to commence. Naturally, we’ll have to review the details of this initiative further, but in short, the Government’s proactive approach to strata reforms is a positive first-step.

“Industry and the community are on the same page on the need for reforms, and today’s announcement signals that Government has been listening.

“Bringing together interested parties like the Owners Corporation Network, Strata Community Australia, the Law Society, and the Property Council to come up with an agreed must-have list of short-term legislative changes would be a welcomed first outcome.

“Mixed-use developments if done right and designed well can result in innovative projects that accommodate multiple interests. 

“This is complimentary to the Government’s ambitious city and gateway renewal initiative, which implicitly envisions buildings that multi-task. It is also aligned with the Government’s push to support smart business models.

“Unlike old inner city neighborhoods, mixed-use developments built from scratch in planned cities like Canberra are not easy to do. We hope that today’s announcement will allow us to update our city’s legislative framework for mixed-use projects. 

“Urban density for a growing city like ours is a reality. A workable framework to allow for buildings that have residential, retail, and work elements is vital.

“Equally, this isn’t just about buildings, but also the space between buildings. Here is a chance for us to also space curation right.

Media contact:  Merlin Kong |E [email protected]