DV 346 Welcomed But More Work Needed

Executive Director for the ACT Property Council, Merlin Kong, has today welcomed the Government announcement on DV 346, but also highlighted the complex nature of the urban landscape.

“The reality is that as a planned city, Canberra has much older suburbs that were built and exist as a result of an old planning framework,” said Mr Kong

“When this is confronted with a new policy agenda—we’ll inevitably see conflict.

“Whilst the Government has sought to manage this through community and industry consultations, full consensus is unlikely on an issue such as DV 346. 

“The Property Council supports a rigorous and transparent consultation process, especially in a city where almost 80 per cent of applications for home improvements are from homeowners.

“This latest government decision demonstrates that global policy settings that are for the good of the city can be distracted by self-interested individuals.

“We are at one with the broader community on supporting measures to achieve the best possible solar envelope rules for the Territory.  

“There is more work to do to update solar access across the ACT, especially in existing areas.” concluded Mr Kong.

Media contact:  Merlin Kong |E [email protected]