Our Focus

No Land Tax Here

The Northern Territory benefits from being the only state or territory in Australia that doesn’t have land tax. We want to keep it that way and are continually campaigning to ensure that neither party puts land tax on the agenda. 

Pushing Vacancy Rates Down

Commercial office vacancies continue to climb in the Darwin CBD and something needed to be done to help stem the problem. We worked closely with Government to help them understand the issue and the impact it has on the CBD while pushing ways to stimulate activity in the City.

A New Plan for Darwin City Centre

Darwin City Centre needs a new direction to make the city a quality place to live, work and play. We’ve worked hard to lobby Government to endorse the Master Plan for Darwin City Centre which will provide a roadmap for the city for the next 20-30 years.

Getting the Business Tenancies Act Right

One of our key priorities is getting a review of the Business Tenancies (Fair Dealings) Act. The inclusion of non retail professional businesses and services has put an onerous regulatory burden on the businesses of both landlords and tenants.  We have pressured Government hard on reviewing the act.


Media Releases