100 Women in Property
Participant Biographies 

Sarah Lawless, Portfolio Administrator - CBRE

SPONSOR: Nicole Fitzgerald, Director, Workplace Strategy -CBRE

Sarah Lawless

Sarah is a Portfolio Administrator at CBRE and has been on the Deloitte account for the last five years. Sarah’s previous experience lies in wealth management, however after returning from abroad, she accepted a temporary position with CBRE. Discovering a keen interest in the property management field Sarah took the opportunity to move into this role full time. Sarah enjoys the challenge of varying requests that arise at any time and finding ways to solve these. Her current role encompasses lease and finance administration, space management reporting to ensure best of use of assets for Deloitte, team support, as well as a strong focus on liaison with both landlords and subtenants. Her dealings with subtenants have helped her realise a desire to move into the building management field in the long term. In the medium term her goal is to complete study of her Certificate in Property Services.