100 Women in Property
Participant Biographies 

Emma Wright, National Manager - Performance Reporting & Analytics - Cushman & Wakefield

SPONSOR: Michael Cox, National Manager, Strategy & Client Advisory -Cushman & Wakefield

Emma Wright

Emma’s journey within Sustainability Solutions begun in 2008 as an junior Environment Reporting Coordinator, mainly focusing on data analysis, reporting systems, mandatory and compliance environmental reporting. In 2010 Emma established the Sustainability Solutions Performance Reporting & Analytics team and was appointed Manager for Australia. In this role Emma managed and grew the delivery of all corporate and government clients’ reporting requirements including NGERS, NPI, carbon footprint reporting, energy performance reporting, tariff analysis, budget forecasting, bill verification, as well as data management and validation. Emma’s operations have continued to evolve in the business and by establishing robust reporting procedures and streamlining data flows, this has facilitated her to expand her role to Sustainability Solutions financial reporting.