100 Women in Property
Participant Biographies 

Madeleine Steele, Project Manager - TSA Management (Vic) Pty Ltd

SPONSOR: Warren Guymer, Associate Director -TSA Management (Vic) Pty Ltd

Madeleine Steele

Madeleine is a Project Manager with TSA Management and has over 8 years' experience in the property industry. Madeleine comes from a diverse background with experience that extends from early studies in architecture and commerce, to employment as a structural engineer and now in her current role as Project Manager. Madeleine also has expertise in policy development within the housing market through work with the Grattan Institute. During her time as a Project Manager, Madeleine's career has focused on the delivery of projects in the aged care, education, and government sectors. Madeleine intends to expand her sector experience and pursue her interest in mixed use development. Madeleine has been actively involved in the industry through her previous role as committee member for the Property Council's Future Directions and previously as chair of Consult Australia's FutureNet.